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Spoken Gospel

Join Us As We Begin the New Year in 2021 Reading God’s Word

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Who we are and what we stand for

Our Culture

Our Vision

Onethirty Ministry exists to help people trust that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is good, beautiful, true, and worth living for.  It touches and transforms every part of our lives, from our relationships to our work, and we believe that this Gospel is the greatest hope for all of humanity.

Discipleship Paradigm

Simply put, Jesus changed the world by inviting people to come and follow him.  Though the invitation is simple, how we follow Jesus in our modern world is often pretty complicated.  

  • We study God’s word regularly: to learn more about ourselves, the world around us, and how to pattern our lives after Jesus Christ. 
  • We are committed to one another: Jesus spent time with the outsiders to teach the insiders what it looks like to love our neighbors.  Therefore, we want to train ourselves to be committed to people who are not exactly like us.  We want our unity to be based on our mutual love for Jesus, not just our mutual interests.
  • We are committed to our communities: Being a Christian means that we make a difference in the places where we live, work, and hang out through our actions, words, and attitudes.
  • We are not afraid of messy relationships: Jesus showed grace and love without compromising truth, and so the tension between grace and truth is where we want to live and thrive.  That means that we give room for the confrontation of sins while growing in a culture of grace.  
  • We are transformed by the gospel: The gospel is not just a series of facts we believe to get into heaven, but an entire life paradigm shift that transforms and gives ultimate meaning to everything we do.
Missional Communities

Our missional communities are groups of people willing to walk with one another through whole life discipleship.  Each group will regularly meet to: 

  • Study the Bible together (God’s Holy Word)
  • Study Christian beliefs and philosophy as taught in the Bible (Doctrine and theology)
  • Spend meaningful time with each other and plan for fun things together (Fellowship)
  • Be committed to one another through a signed commitment letter (Covenant)
  • Find ways to serve the community through service and giving (Charity & Outreach)

Contact Us

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